The experience of failure + the discussions around failure can potentially be an ‘emotionally’ and charged topic, especially when it touches us personally.

Perceived failure can really get a grip on us and seemingly control our next actions.

But does it really need to be that way?

Imagine holding this perspective about failure from Ryan holiday...

“We’re afraid to lose and fail because we think it says something about us. It doesn’t. Success didn’t either. All that failure says is that there is a chance to improve and better understand yourself.”

Imagine the next time you fail. Imagine feeling the ‘sting’ or ‘ping’ + feeling something stronger. Imagine feeling inspired + determined to take the ‘chance’ to improve and get better at understanding your potential.

No need to just imagine.

You can put it into practice.



p.s a ping of perceived‘failure + pings of re-appraisal + pings of inspiration can create something amazing.

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