Pillars of Potential

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

Many many times, have I encountered something very inspiring.

Check this out...

One day I was walking past one of the libraries on campus a few times during one morning, afternoon, and again in the evening. Through the library window I noticed one of the study boardrooms was ‘game on‘ for someone. There were textbooks open, a laptop and pens. The entire table for six was covered in study material. My first thought was, ‘whoever was in here is honing their craft.‘ My second thought was ‘I wonder who it is?‘

It did not take long to recognize that it was a post graduate student whom had been studying the entire day and was taking a break. He was flying solo. I say ‘flying solo’ because it’s still the holidays here before the official academic year starts so it was just him and his books.

I walked past there again for the third time in the evening and he was still rocking it (though was having supper). Curious, I popped in to see the laptop still on, the books and study notes and some serious progress being made. This was someone on a mission!

On the whiteboard there was a message that he had written to himself in big capital letters to remind himself of why he was doing what he was doing and that he could do it. He was writing board exams very soon and this was the final extra mile required.

Before I left, I wrote a message for him and left it on the screen of his laptop.

“Nothing happens, unless first a dream” (Sandberg).

p.s. you’ve got this, go crush your exams.

That message “Nothing happens unless first a dream” was a message inscribed into a planning diary packed in my suitcase by my Father when I left London to fly ‘solo’ to Cape Town, South Africa to embark on a degree in psychology and post graduate studies.

The student who was going the extra mile that evening was displaying what I would consider to be key elements of what it takes to express your potential.

To express your potential will require:

Becoming a student of purpose

Becoming a student of vision

Becoming a student of excellence

Becoming a student of motivation

Becoming a student of discipline

Becoming a student of focus Becoming a student of balance

Becoming a student of strength

Purpose, Vision, Excellence, Motivation, Discipline, Focus, Strength, Balance, were all key ingredients that this student had in play today (and for hundreds of days before to get to this point). It was not just a message on the board, or a message in a diary. He was committed to thinking and acting as a student of actualized potential.

As we crack on with further blog posts, links, and resources we will be exploring these eight pillars with great depth.

For now, and like that student in the library today.

It’s time to…

“Become who you are.” (Friedrich Nietzsche).

With Arete


p.s if you want to get a jump start, check out the first book ‘Becoming a student of Purpose. It’s got some real goodies in it.

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