Pictures + Plans

“Once we get the picture of who we want to be, “definitely planned work” is the next step on the path. Definitely planned work inspires the energy of purpose. Without it, we suffer from a weird kind of intention deficit disorder. We’re short on intention. We don’t know where we’re going or what we’re up to.” (Chandler)

It’s a big ask to figure out ‘who you want to be’ all in one go and more than just a ‘once of process’.

Perhaps then, try and cast ahead to a forseable future with foreseeable probability and work backwards from there.

Consider creating a picture of who you want to be in a couple of days, weeks or month.

That’s an excellent starting point.

Got anyone who could back you on your journey?

What’s your time frame ahead?

Go on then…make the picture.



p.s. picture done? Make the plan + plan to overcome the obstacle(s).

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