Perceive + Act

“Here’s the formula for failure: errors in judgment repeated every day. All you’ve got to do is have a few errors in your judgment and repeat them every day, and I’m telling you, they’ll spin out of control in ten years.” (Rohn)

Bottom line, we are going to make ‘errors’.

Bottom line ‘2’, we can perceive and act with clarity too.

So let’s flip that formula…

Your clarity to act on your perceived potential every day will lead to a steady certainty that you can define, discover and develop your capacity year after year.

Your job is to seek ways to tilt your perception perpetually towards what you are capable of and act from there.

May require you to reflect deeply, recognize what you’ve already got and then think and act.

You can start off by asking…

  • ‘What am I capable of?’

  • ‘What have I already achieved?’

  • ‘What could I achieve?’

This is not a once-off event.



p.s. I’d love to give you your own formula for potential (a.k.a. possibilities) yet there is only one problem with that… the only person who can define, discover and develop their potential in ongoing ways, ultimately….is you!

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