Peaks + pace + possibilities

The beauty about potential and possibilities is that you can gain insights and wisdom from a lot of places. 

Case in point.

Recently we took our young kids, six and three (10 month old a bit too young) on a mini hike on the foot of a mountain.

They looked up at the peak and were so excited.

Our three year old bolted at the incline keen to lean into every step saying...

' I love the mountain'

Our six year old exclaimed 'wow, this is an adventure, but we've been here before...can we take a different route?"

I said 'sure, let's do this!'

We had a great time, took moments to pause, savour and enjoy the journey and paced it.

We didn't reach the peak nor were we aiming too.

We paced it nicely, taking one foot step at a time.

Despite our daughter commenting that her boots had really good 'grip' did we come off there with mud stains? bet!

That journey on the mountain is a build up towards greater heights and next time we go, we'll go a bit further and repeat that day after day over time.

You don't have to hit a peak all in one go.

You can enjoy the journey, pace it, stop to enjoy the view and return again to aim and go a bit further.

Build it up, one foot step at a time. 

With Arete,


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