Past Lessons

We’ve all got a past we can learn from right? Beautiful lessons in there, memories, experiences, emotions, and thoughts.

Recalling it can serve different purposes and be triggered by different feelings and thoughts.

Check this out from Olson…

“One of the quickest and most direct routes to getting yourself up and onto the success curve is to get out of the past. Review the past, but only for the purpose of making a better plan.”

In relation to this let’s throw in some reflective questions that could help with this.

What optimal behaviours have you exhibited in you past that helped you to proactively grow towards your potential?

  • When did they occur?

  • What was the sequence?

  • What would it take to bring em back?

  • Do you want to?

Okay that’s part one.

Here’s part two…

Think of a future you where you’ve reached a milestone you are seeking


Recall a time in your past where you made it to the finish line.

  • What were you thinking and what did you feel as you were on your way to completing?

  • Determined, focused, resilient?

  • What was your internal dialogue saying?

  • How can you take some of the optimal mental states you had from past wins and place them into your present experience?

  • What would you need to say to yourself?

  • What would you need to do?



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