Paragon of Grit

Letting go for a bit can sometimes be a very important thing to do.

But what happens when it becomes more than that?

What happens when you feel like you’re about to give up on something that deep down you really really want to still work towards and believe in + still have a shot at?

Check this out from Duckworth...

“In fact, when people drop out of things, they do so for a reason. Actually, they do so for different reasons. Any of the following four thoughts might go through your head right before you quit what you’re doing:

‘I’m bored.’‘The effort isn’t worth it.’‘This isn’t important to me.’‘I can’t do this, so I might as well give up.’

There’s nothing wrong—morally or otherwise—with thoughts like these…paragons of grit quit goals, too. But the higher the level of the goal in question, the more stubborn they are about seeing it through. Most important, paragons of grit don’t swap compasses: when it comes to the one, singularly important aim that guides almost everything else they do, the very gritty tend not to utter the statements above. ... Together, the research reveals the psychological assets that mature paragons of grit have in common. There are four. They counter each of the buzz-killers listed above, and they tend to develop, over the years, in a particular order.”

If you’ve got a goal that over the long term you really wanna go for, know that you may encounter some of the above along the way and that’s totally okay.

Means you are becoming a paragon of grit.



p.s. paragon = example

p.p.s why not become a paragon (example) of grit despite difficult thoughts? Come on now, you know you can!

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