Paradigms of time

Many close colleagues over the year have asked how on earth is it possible to be rocking so many different areas of potential to a high level of performance and consistency?

I always smile when I hear that question cos it opens up such great possibilities in reflecting back the answers + solutions they could come up with.

A first port though is to question some of the paradigms that might still be in play.

Check this out from Vaden…

“One-dimensional thinking: ‘Managing your time’ by doing things fast and efficiently in order to try to squeeze more into whatever time you have available. This is like running.

Two-dimensional thinking: ‘Prioritizing your time’ by the Urgent and Important grid to borrow time from one area of your life to focus instead on another. It’s the skill of putting one thing in front of the others. This is like juggling.

Three-dimensional thinking: ‘Multiplying your time’ by adding in the calculation of Significance. And to specifically give yourself the emotional permission to spend time on those things today that will create more time tomorrow.

This is like planting seeds.”

Where you at?

1 D, 2 D, or 3 D?

What’s it gonna take to shift?



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