Pair up in prioritizing

I’m having a lot of fun right now expanding a goal planning process to include those around me. I’m extremely keen to know their ‘one thing’ and ways I can support that.

Before doing that though its really n.b. to know your own.

What’s a goal you are inspired to achieve that would take 3 to 6 to even 12 months to achieve?

What would you need to do every day (more or less) and for how long?

Cool. Get the answer to that first and do it enough to times.

Then or along the way, take one person with you on your journey + encourage them daily to rock their ‘one thing’ too.

This ain’t to say you don’t have other areas that wait around till you’ve completed this.

Rather you’ve got certainty and knowing that this ‘one thing’ for you and other’s is one to complete everyday and even to prioritize to get done yourself first.

Do this over a string of hundreds of days and guess what?

You’ll most likely be far closer towards the goal you’ve set plus you’ll have definitely grown and developed in the process.

Share the journey + encourage it in others.



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