P is for persistence

I’m not gonna lie. There are times when I ain’t all super keen bean to work on my craft.

Who is all the time?

The key though is that if you’ve made a commitment to something that’s really important to you + there are consistent steps you have identified to take…

Bottom line?

Take em.

As you do, you’ll warm up again for the day and gain momentum.

You cannot and will not gain momentum by staying in bed or chilling on the sofa or watching series.

You’ll only gain momentum by moving, setting up the ‘space’ that’s right for you to do your deep work and then pressing play on your potential.

“Persistence, persistence, and persistence. The Power can be created and maintained through daily practice — continuous effort.” - Bruce Lee

P is for persistence…not procrastinate.

Keep up and do something, no matter how small.

There’s potential in that.



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