Overtraining vs. undertraining

“In sport the greatest risk is physical overtraining and emotional overtraining;

in nonsport life, it’s physical undertraining and emotional overtraining.” (Loehr)

When I read this what immediately came to mind was this reflection.

During a typical week it’s possible to ‘emotionally over train’ and get pulled sideways by all things great n small.

And then as a way to maladaptively cope with that suboptimal ‘over train’ aka reactive approach we may end up spending the weekend in physical undertraining aka escaping.

Week = emotional overtraining through reaction and letting forces act upon us.

Weekend = physical undertraining to escape it all and just veg.

Happens to all of us don’t it?

Yet, is reaction and recovery in this way the best use of our potential?

Of course not!

On a personal note this is my why:

1. I typically start my weekends each Saturday and Sunday with a form of physical training first. (Vegging can come a bit later in chill mode n salads n soups).

2. During the week I always (for the most part) start with highly valued activities.

Put’s me more on my A game.

Think about this for you.



p.s. what’s your ‘personal note’ aka (approach)?

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