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There are some interesting perspectives and pitched wisdom on how to interpret current realities.

One of those slants is to look at what is and accept + want it for what it currently is whilst (if wanted) thinking + acting towards overhauling it.

Check this out from Carnegie…

“Professor William James… told his own students: ‘Be willing to have it so… Be willing to have it so,’ he said, because ‘…acceptance of what has happened is the first step in overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.’

You got a setback you currently sitting with?

A perceived failure related to an outcome you were seeking?

A challenge that is seemingly unconquerable?

What if….just what if that’s a part of the deal and in the long run could actually set you up better to grow even more?

Think of an obstacle you currently face in relation to your potential.

What opportunity does the current obstacle present for you to grow even more?

Imagine overcoming the obstacle.

What’s on the other side?



p.s. ‘what’s on the other side?’ A future you having dominated the obstacle.

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