Overcome Procrastination

Looking for some strategies to overcome procrastination?

Give any one of these a crack and see if they land from Neil Fiore.

1. REMEMBER! Separate who you are from the goal or performance at hand. YOU ARE NOT WHAT YOU DO and your value does not have to hinge on what you currently can or can’t do.

2. Don’t go for perfectionism or trying to raise so high it overwhelms you. Raise the bar enough that you can jump over it and if you don’t get it right first time, try again knowing your effort is good enough.

3. If you get stuck in anxiety reflect on what you can do in this moment. Even a small micro task of a few seconds. What can you do now that is within your control, bite size style?

4. Try a bit of deep breathing and affirm in some way to yourself e.g. ‘I’ve got this.’

5. Replace the ‘I work best under pressure’ excuse with aiming to start a task a bit earlier. Even if by 5 minutes earlier and even if you don’t finish. Point is you got it in earlier than normal.

Which one do you wanna test today?



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