Whatever you’ve got going on right now .... you can overcome it.

Overcome means to 'succeed in dealing with'...

Take the thing you perceive as an obstacle and chip of a small piece and focus on overcoming that.

Consider being systematic about it too.

Case in point...I sat with a group of impeccable student leaders. One wanted to quit. Instead of taking the resignation we talked it out as a group.

Here is how that played out...

- his value to the group was re-affirmed in front of all

- how he felt was validated

- he shared how he felt

- the group expressed empathy

- the group suggested how he could connect with them

- he expressed how he would love to connect with the group

The result?

He did not quit+ the group reached new levels of understanding thanks to his courage to share.

Whether in a group or flying 'solo' on a project...

Have the courage to share what you might be going through and then take it one step at a time sequentially and work it.


You can do it.

with ARETE,


p.s. overcome is your new middle name

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