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Over to you

What does it mean to you to define, discover and develop your potential?

Have a gander at this from Sena:

“Humans are meant to strive and grow. From birth to death, trillions of cells in our body continuously reproduce and regenerate. Humans are meant to work, to sweat, and then to bask in the exhaustion that often accompanies great achievement. Humans are meant to be healthy, with a body that functions long and efficiently. Humans are meant for a greater purpose than sitting, watching, and consuming. And it’s not just our physical health I’m talking about: striving and struggling give our lives deeper meaning.”

To do this might mean facing the elements and bracing the storms.

You’ve done it before…

You can do it again…

Only this time with even more intentionality.

What's next?

Over to you.



p.s. you know what to do.

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