Outcome accounts

At the time of writing this the new year is coming up.

A perfect time to wrap up and finish strong on any one year goals still needing to cross the finish line


A perfect time to consider the possibilities for the following year.

Check this out from Mills…

“So how do you get to understand your why? What’s worked for me is using what I call my Outcome Accounts. Whenever I dream up a new Milestone Goal, I create an Outcome Account. It’s a simple way to test how truly important this goal is to me. Some goals are just not as important as others—some are just nice-to-have goals, not must-haves. You can use Outcome Accounts for any goal, but I find this tool especially helpful when I’m going after a Milestone Goal—something that will require months, if not years, of persistence to attain. ...

I’ve used an Outcome Account to outline my reason for putting my head down, working hard, and filtering out those who will help me from those who want to see me fail. The Outcome Account is my single most important first step toward being UNSTOPPABLE. As Master and Commander Peter teaches young Captain Tim, ‘Once you understand your why, you’ll figure out your way.’”



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