Origin Stories of Potential

Updated: Apr 5, 2019

You’ll notice the ending of these messages comes with the final two words ‘with Arete’.

This one today is one of several real life origin stories...

Let's start with the pic which is of a close life long friend with whom undergrad, post grad, professional life, and ‘Arete’ has been shared.

The pic represents the final moment at the end of a recent intense 6 week cross fit open challenge successfully completed.

As it was completed he shared ...‘this one was especially tough but glad I finished’.

A couple of years ago this close friend was 20 plus kg heavier.

He had a vision and long term goal to become the fittest and strongest and most disciplined he could be for himself.

There was a long road ahead and lots of showing up to do and he went for it.

As Eric Thomas says he wanted it "as much as you want to breath".

Early on in the journey and in one catch up conversation we discussed the word Arete.

Arete is a Latin word that can interpreted to essentially mean ‘excellence of any kind’ + in the moment.

A decision was made there and then that he would approach each ‘showing up’ session with the very best effort he could.

There was a lot of sweat and tears, oversleeping, grit, getting back up, leaning in and ultimately fun.

One thing I really appreciate is that he never ever gave up, showed up consistently and cracked on.

It was very small wins at first which grew over time.

Fast forward two plus years later and 20 kg lighter ...this is an example of him in Arete mode. Still showing up.

Remember excellence does not have to be out in the distance on some far shore. It is right at hand in perhaps the next study session, project, lecture, tutorial or study group you have.

You can bring the very best you have to it right now and let your best be enough. You will continue to get better and better.

It does not have to be perfect. As founder of Facebook says ‘done is better than perfect.’

It may be hard but you'll be 'glad you finished'.

For you it may not be cross fit or 20 kg loss. It could be something else. Something you value.

So what are one of your origin stories of Potential (Arete)?

I'll leave you here for now once more with these words,

With Arete,


Ps delighted and inspired to share that the kindle workbook ‘Becoming a Student of Excellence’ is going free for a bit - very soon worldwide (We'll announce that soon and more book freebIRS to come each week). Check it out so long, if you want under the book tab to get a sneak peak. You can download a sample too. There may be some tools in there that land.

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