Looking for some pointers to rock a goal or possibility on a daily basis?

Selk offers some nice steps to utilize towards optimal effectiveness.

1. "Process over product". Each day focus on a ‘process goal’ that will contribute towards a ‘product goal’. E.g. If a goal is to write a book, then the process goal is to write daily.

2. "No excuses". Own your growth process and make no excuses for achieving below your potential.

3. "Go public". Tell others of your goals and write em down.

4. "Keep goals alive". Reflect daily on what you’ve achieved.

5. "Vision integrity". Select goals that speak to you and what you want.

6. "Personal reward preference". Link rewards to your goals

7. "MP100 + 20". Be guided by your goals and let them inform your work ethic 100% of the time + add an extra 20% of your energy to ‘outworking your competition”.

Which one of these is you favourite or speaks to you the most?

Try taking on one of these and see how it applies.

If that works, rock another, and another.



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