One rep...repped

At the time of writing this I’m reflecting on a pretty awesome day I had where I was in the zone big time. What was uniquely accentuated about that day was simply this…

An emphasis on just one more rep…

“How many more reps do you have?’

‘One rep.’

‘Wait, what?’ I asked. ‘One?’ There was no way this guy only had one rep. I was almost pissed off.

But then he said, ‘Yep. Just one more rep. Thirty more times.’

I smiled because it was the perfect attitude. It was a lesson in living present, in focusing on the single step, in blocking out everything else and zeroing in on only what needed to be done.

As you look out on your own personal and professional landscape, I hope you have the courage and determination to take that first single step. Have belief in yourself…and I know you will make it to the next one.” Stein Jr

Got something coming up today that has many reps to it?

Try taking one at a time, and then another and another.



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