One percent of the key point

How’s your delivery when making key points?

That is, your ability to get your message across?

How about your ability to pick up on the main point of something?

“But I’ve never forgotten something Professor Koh told our class one spring afternoon.

He said that in an attempt to understand the law—or, for that matter, just about anything—the key was to focus on what he termed the ‘one percent.’ Don’t get lost in the crabgrass of details, he urged us. Instead, think about the essence of what you’re exploring—the one percent that gives life to the other ninety-nine. Understanding the one percent, and being able to explain it to others, is the hallmark of strong minds and good attorneys.

Clarity operates by the same logic. Whether you’re selling computers to a giant company or a new bedtime to your youngest child, ask yourself: ‘What’s the one percent?’ If you can answer that question and convey it to others, they’re likely to be moved.”(Pink)

What are you defining, discovering and developing right now?

What’s the ‘one percent’ of that for you?



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