On the other side of fear

Recently I had such a beautiful conversation with our 6 year old daughter.

I shared with her one of my favourite questions I got from Jamie Foxx ‘What’s on the other side of fear?’



It’s one he also shares with his kids.

So on the way to school I said, I’ve got a question for you.

She said ‘what is it’?

I repeated the Foxx question ‘What’s on the other side of fear’.

She said… ‘What’s fear’ (that alone is great!)

I said it’s kinda like when someone is scared of something.

I repeated again.

‘What’s on the other side of fear’.

To which she replied


That for me is an even better answer than ‘nothing’

Check this out…

“Everyone has obstacles. I learned that early in life. But I also learned another essential truth early. Dedication, grit, and willpower could go a long way in meeting, and beating, whatever challenges I would face.” ~ Michael Phelps

Whatever challenges you got going on, meet, greet and beat them with dedication + grit + willpower.

Some take away questions…

What’s something you fear?

What’s the goodness that could come from overcoming it?

What do you need to do to become more dedicated (even just a little bit more)?

What do you need to do to become more gritty and keep going even when it’s hard?

What do you need to do to strengthen your willpower (even just a little bit)?



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