On + off strategies

When you not rocking your potential directly what you up to?

Do the well-being activities you got going on compliment your performance time?

E.g. when I hit the irons, it’s not simply about lifting weights.

It’s about the mental toughness, self-discipline, focus and endorphins that are experienced not only there but in the knock off effect after.

Check this out…

‘For creative and prolific people, seeing outside activities as expressions of the same interests that guide their professional lives builds a bridge between the worlds of work and rest and helps turn these activities into deep play. For Michelson and other creative figures, deep play didn’t compete with work; it was a way to express the same fascination with nature, need to challenge ones’ self, and passion for focus and concentration and problem-solving. Seeing them as connected helps turn what could be seen as a time-wasting distraction into an important, valuable part of their lives. It helps justify pursuing these activities even if they’re time-consuming.” (Soojung – Kim Pang)

Got any bridges you could build between your world of performance and your world of well – being activities?

In other words what could you do when not rocking your potential to help you rock your potential?!

Here’s a list of a few things I do and by the way there are a ton of possibilities for you to explore…

1. Drink lots a water

2. Daily exercise

3. Appreciation journal

4. Reading

5. Walking

6. Eating some good (healthy) meals

7. Connecting with loved ones

8. Having fun

9. Unplugging during the day

10. Napping

11. Meditating (variations of this)

And the list goes on…for you and for me.

Our job is to test what works for us and build em up one or two at a time.



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