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On + Off Button

I nap everyday.

And when I do, I completely unplug.

I train every day (for the most part).

And when I do, I go all in.

I hit deep work every week day.

And when I do, I totally immerse.

Yet there’s a rider to this that’s n.b.

Oscillation – meaning there are times when I’m all in and there are times when I’m in rest + recovery mode.

Check this out from Loehr…

“The sheer volume of stress in most people’s lives today cannot be sufficiently balanced by a casual, nonspecific approach to recovery. A sound recovery base is the first priority in Toughness Training.”

Rather than take a nonspecific approach, why not get specific on your approach to leaning in and recovery?

What would those waves of on and off look like for you?


Why do this?

“Trained recovery is the foundation of toughness both in life and in sport. If you want to get tougher, the requirements are few and simple: Learn how to make powerful waves of recovery as well as powerful waves of stress.” (Loehr).



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