Old Routines

Got any old routines that you want to replace?

Check this out from Millman…

“Make any positive behavior as convenient as possible. To break my habit of snacking in the evenings, I keep dental floss and a toothbrush in the downstairs bathroom near the kitchen. Right after dinner I floss and brush. I’m far less likely to snack, because if I eat something, I have to floss and brush all over again…You might also put the television in that … closet, so you take it out only for special events, and use your old TV time writing that book, painting that picture, or learning a new language. In this way you replace old negative routines with new behaviors, pouring new energy into a new you.”

Think of a project or goal that you’d love to realize.

Now think of an activity that you could ‘pack away’ or do less of.

What needs packing away?

What goal or activity would take it’s place?



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