Offense vs. Defense

I’ve read a fair bit on self-control studies by Duckworth et al.

Here is a nice summary from Baumeister and Tierney in the book ‘Will Power’.

“People with good self-control mainly use it not for rescue in emergencies but rather to develop effective habits and routines in school and at work. The results of these habits and routines were demonstrated in yet another recent set of studies, in the United States, showing that people with high self-control consistently report less stress in their lives. They use their self-control not to get through crises but to avoid them. They give themselves enough time to finish a project; they take the car to the shop before it breaks down; they stay away from all-you-can-eat buffets. They play offense instead of defense.”

Its 3.18 am on a cold winters morning as I write this one. Quite fitting. In about an hour I’ll be on the road heading to the gym to write some more for an hour before hitting a morning workout.

Where’s my thinking right now? On a warm bed and pillow? In other words in retreat mode?


It’s on the fact that I know every time I finish up at the gym I’ll have strengthened my self-control even more for the day.

I’m playing offense, not defense through honouring effective morning habits and routines.

Define, discover and develop your own effective habits and routines.

Choose one you could start developing or enhancing more soon.



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