Off days

Ever had any off days? Where you kinda feel like you woke up on the wrong side a bed?

Check this out…

“Although emotions are genuine biochemical events, they are not easily accessible. Emotional training for the challenge response occurs in two ways: (1) outside-in (from the muscles inward to the brain), and (2) inside-out (from the brain outward through thinking and perceiving).

Although we don’t have direct voluntary control of our emotions, we can exercise considerable control over what we do with our physical bodies as well as the direction and content of our thoughts. Physical toughness and mental toughness together produce emotional toughness. This understanding forms the basis of Toughness Training.” (Loehr)

Lemme give an example of this.

On the day of writing this I woke up kinda off kilter. I was ruminating and aware I was. Emotions kicked in that corresponded with those unfavourable thoughts and so set in motion a run away train of distraction.

Trying to bring it back was tricky with thinking alone.

What did I do?

I waited it out a bit, refocused my attention on other activities and as Loehr says above rocked an outside in approach (from the muscles to the brain).


I worked out?

That’s right …good ol exercise.

And then?

I rocked an inside-out approach through thinking (which was much easier to do) because my physiological state was now different.

Did not take long to leverage the new state I was in to generate ‘solutions’.

Next time you find yourself in a bit of a rut or with a seemingly insurmountable or innoying hurdle in front of you ask yourself.

What’s an alternative healthy behaviour or activity that you could engage in for now to change your state?



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