Obstacles V.S. Dedication

Sometimes we can attach our well being and identity to things we've achieved or seek to achieve.

But what if we went more into that internal locus of control on some of the qualities behind the outputs we seek?

What if 'liking/loving' ourselves more or and confidence was not solely hinged on the next grade or mark or comparison to others we perceive to have 'made it'?

Don't get me wrong, we wanna crush it as best we can in the library, exam hall and more...yet what if there was something more enduring that did not rely on those marks to come out?

Gotta love this from St. Pierre:

“Do you want to know what I like best about myself? The truth is, I’ve become ‘great’ at maybe one thing: dedication. I’ve never been the fastest, or the strongest, or the biggest, or the quickest, or the most powerful. In life, we all discover at some point or other that there’s someone else out there who’s better at any single thing than we are. I’ve found a way to turn what some call hard work into a game and an exercise in efficiency."

Struggling with dedication? Chat to someone...or even...

' Woop it' (which stands for wish, outcome, obstacle plan - devised by Professor Oettingen).

For example: 

Let's say your 'Wish' is to become more dedicated towards (fill in the blank).

What's an 'outcome' of that increased dedication?

What is an 'obstacle' holding you back from dedication?

If that obstacle arises what's your plan to overcome it?

With Arete,


Georges “Rush” St-Pierre, also known as “GSP,” is a Canadian professional mixed martial artist and UFC world champion who holds black belts in both Kyokushin

karate and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Connect:

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