Not feeling it?

Sometimes I wake up and think ‘eessh…I’m really not feeling this’.

And then I get up anyway and proceed towards potential…even if just a few tiny steps to get momentum.

Within an hour or two on those so called moody days I’m in game on mode.

Why am I sharing that?

Cos we can make a choice to push the boundary just a little bit.

Part of that deal is that there are gonna be times when it ain’t gonna be easy and we ain’t always gonna feel it (at first).

As Dr. Rotella says….

“Striving to be exceptional is never easy. But when people tell me that what I’m suggesting they do won’t be easy, I just say, ‘You’re right!’ Going after big ideas takes sweat. It takes persistence, patience, and a bedrock belief in yourself. Not everyone will do it. That’s why we call it being exceptional.”

This is not some quantum leap thing but if you are looking to make a difference and be exceptional bottom line is it’s gonna take you into difficult paths.

Here’s the thing…

You can navigate them every step along the way.

You have the strength and the capacity to lean in…you do!

Persistence + patience + ‘bedrock belief” in you.

Let’s get moving, even if we don’t feel it at first…the feelings will catch up soon enough.



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