No matter what mindset + solutions

Don’t you just love the idea of creating a mindset that says no matter what, I’m not going to give up.

Now obviously that brute stubbornness towards a goal that requires flexibility or re-alignment with your values ain’t so wise.

However, if you’ve selected a goal, or destination towards your potential that you really believe in, are inspired by and know to be one that you want to try, then consider this…

It aint just about ‘not giving up’.

It’s about how you don’t give up.

“Strong, resilient people have what we call a ‘Relentless Solution Focus,’ or RSF. If a person with a great RSF was in the same situation and lost that big client, he or she wouldn’t be some kind of emotionless robot—the loss would sting. But the immediate, laser-sharp focus would be on finding the solution path, and doing it in less than sixty seconds.

We say ‘solution path’ because many, many problems aren’t solved with one lightning strike of an idea, obviously. A solution is a process, and there are steps to that process. In RSF, your goal when presented with a problem is to identify one step within sixty seconds that you can take that will make the situation better—even if only by a small increment of improvement. RSF is not about finding the ‘perfect’ solution but, rather, about just identifying some kind of improvement. It’s called the ‘+1 solution,’ because any improvement whatsoever to the current situation is part of a solution. The +1 concept has been credited numerous times with making the previously deemed impossible actually possible.” Selk and Bartow



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