Ninja + Rock Star = ?

Recently we put a chin up bar in the house. It’s become quite popular with our five-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son. They love climbing up the side of the walls and hanging on it for as long as they can.

One evening my daughter announced that she wanted to become a ninja and a rock star. As we explored that more I asked her what the word potential means and she said…

“It means you can do anything.”

I then asked her what she would do if she faced a difficult time or challenge along her journey to becoming a ninja or rock start to which she replied...

“I’ll always find a way.”

For a while now, particularly with our daughter we’ve been repeatedly introducing the principles of woop (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle and Plan to overcome the obstacle).

The reason for doing that is to provide her with another tool that we hope over time promotes a growth mindset that becomes so deeply ingrained such that when she does bump up against internal or external obstacles she navigates her way out of it.

For now, it’s the priming phase of repeatedly reminding her that she has the capacity to overcome obstacles.

We’ve all got the capacity to find a way irrespective of age.

Ninja Mode (Precision) + Rock Star (Zest) = anything you want it to mean (if you're prepared to be agile).



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