'Affirmation Road'

Teachers of potential can come in many forms and sizes. Even children themselves!

I recently got ‘checked’ by my 3-year-old son and it was an excellent ‘micro moment’ of potential.

I’d parked the car in a seemingly tight spot and rather than a normal 3-point turn to manoeuvre out, it was becoming a 7 point turn monster.

I’d not said anything but was grimacing a bit.

My children were sitting in the back just watching quietly and then my son piped up and said...

“Don’t give up Daddy, you can do it!”

I had to chuckle and the grimace turned into a smile and the 'monster' dissappeared.

An origin tale to that...

Every morning when we head to school, as soon as we turn onto the first road we hit affirmations.

We’ve dubbed the location ‘affirmation road’.

Each of them takes turns to say:

“I love learning, I am strong, I never give up, I can do anything...’ and several other affirming statements.

When we first introduced this there was resistance and we just aimed for one affirmation.

We’ve done this for hundreds of days now.

Now as we approach ‘affirmation road’ they take the cue and start rocking it.

My 3-year-old son’s ‘advice’ was a reminder that it’s not just under set conditions to practice.

The real proof in the pudding comes when you’ve got to make a ‘7 point turn’ instead of 3.

Can you laugh when that happens, or do you grimace? Can you persist or do you give up?

Clearly that time around I grimaced!

If you've got some 7 point turns (steps) you’ve got to make what could you do to laugh and/or persist through them?



p.s. micro moments is an awesome term coined in a different way by Professor Frederickson.

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