Next and next

It’s about two months out from the end of the year and I’m a couple a hundred blog posts off my goal for writing and posting 1000 blog posts on here for the year.

When I try and think if it and act from a place of ‘all or nothing’, it’s not very helpful, yet when I think if it in terms of piece meal, bit size approaches, it’s game on.

“So a useful question to ask ourselves whenever a goal seems to exceed our resources is: ‘What’s the smallest, simplest, easiest little step I could take in the next twenty-four hours that would take me a tiny bit closer to achieving it?’” ~ Russ Harris

For me, just a handful today. That’s all. Even if just 60 minutes of deep work. That’ll nudge it forward for today.

How about you, what’s the smallest, easiest, most simple step you could take in the next 24 towards a bigger goal?

An easy step so simple that it’s almost impossible to fail at it?

Get the momentum going.



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