Neutralize + rewrite

Got any difficult experiences you are encountering at the moment?

You may not like this but as you continue to grow you gonna face em.

And when you do you got a strategy to take it em on one at a time?

Check this out from Cabane:

“Skillfully handling any difficult experience is a three-step process: destigmatize discomfort, neutralize negativity, and rewrite reality. Let’s get started.”

Let’s go over those

1. Destigmatize discomfort – Think of the discomfort you might be experiencing. Guess what. It’s totally okay. Check yourself on that first and accept that any current feelings or thoughts associated with that are alright.

2. Neutralize negativity – What’s the solution or solutions you can bring to the challenge. Neutralize it.

3. Rewrite reality – map out the future outcome you want in place of the challenge.

Give it a whirl + be willing to explore many tools that give you a way to be proactive with challenges.



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