Nap time?

I’m always amazed at watching how quickly each of our little one’s over time can unplug and go into nap mode so quickly.

As I started to introduce regularly napping several years ago I noticed the same thing happened. It became much easier to just switch off with each nap taken.

Check this out from Mednick...

“From your first nap to your 10th nap to your 110th nap, this little resource will never stop delivering better health, a cheerier mood, more brain power and extra stamina. Instead of constantly needing more to get the same level of benefit, as people tend to do with chemical helpers, you will actually start spending less time napping because you’ve learned how to fall asleep at will and your nap has become more efficient. As any veteran napper can attest, it only gets better over time.”

Time for a nap?

with ARETE,


p.s. remember nap, not whole day affair!

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