Nailing it

We talk a lot about rocking our potential and moving towards that.

Another term, I love.

Nailing it.

“What does ‘nailing it’ mean?

If you’ve truly mastered one positive change, we call it ‘nailing it.’ It’s become a popular shorthand catchphrase with many of our students. For you to have fully integrated the improvement and the changes it requires, it means that for three consecutive months, you’ve been able to complete the change on a daily basis 90 percent of the time or better.

Whatever improvement you choose—whether it’s Organizing Tomorrow Today or committing to doing the Mental Workout—you need to be able to do it nine out of ten days for three months straight—with no excuses. If you can’t do it, it means you need to increase your discipline or commit to a smaller level of intensity. Get started by proving to yourself that you can nail it, even if it’s a smaller commitment. You can always increase later on. An essential element of performance is for people to learn to trust themselves. When you prove 90 percent of the time that you can nail it, you can’t help but grow your confidence and self-trust.” Selk snd Bartlow

Are you nailing it?

Not yet?


Not all the time?

You need rest.

What can ya nail today?



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