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Got any great movies you’ve watched recently?

Any favourites?

Check this out…

“Through a great film, you can experience the triumph of the human soul over adversity, the drama of a struggle between doing what’s right and succumbing to the temptations of the world, a moving encounter between generations, the flowering of a powerful romance, the struggle and birth of a nation....

But it all has to be finished in two hours.

Can you imagine a nation being born in two hours? Meeting the person who will become the love of your life—the dating, courtship, romance, struggle, triumph, wedding, and happy life thereafter—in two hours? Of course not. We expect to put out the effort of a thirty-second falling-in-love sequence, or fighter-in-training sequence, and get that same heroic ending. In a world filled with instant coffee, instant breakfast, instant credit, instant shopping, instant information, and 24/7 news, we have come dangerously close to losing touch with reality and believing we have access to instant life.

But life is not a clickable link.”

Bottom line.

The discovery and development of your potential is going to take more than 2 hours.

You ready to move past clickable links?


Write your own script?



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