More certainty on the day

I’ve had a fair share of days waking up thinking ‘what do I need to do today’?

That kind of approach can work but it can also take quite a bit of time to figure out matters which could otherwise be put to better use.

Check this…

“I never waste a brain cell in the morning trying to figure out what to do when. Compare that with some people you know who spend two hours planning and deciding for every task that takes one hour to complete. I’m happier than those people.” (Scott Adams)

I’m less with that figure it out on the day approach now and more with dart like focus and concentration.


Cos, certainly with the first quarter of the day I’m in ‘game on’ mode knowing with crystal clear clarity what I want to rock with regards potential + possibilities.

It will be different for you, yet knowing when your energy, focus, and concentration levels are at their best and utilizing them towards your potential can be powerful.

What would you need to decide on in advance so as to move out of the starting blocks towards a ‘finish line’ for the day with less pondering (on the day) and more certainty?



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