Mistakes + growth

How cool are you with making mistakes as you learn?

You alright with that?

What if making mistakes is part of the deal, especially as you learn more?

I ain’t talking about negligent mistakes that shirk you of responsibility.

I’m talking about those opportunities to learn and get better as you deliberately seek to expand.

Check this…

“Why is targeted, mistake-focused practice so effective?

A: Because the best way to build a good circuit is to fire it, attend to mistakes, then fire it again, over and over. Struggle is not an option. It’s a biological requirement.

Q: Why are passion and persistence key ingredients of talent?

A: Because wrapping myelin around a big circuit requires energy and time. If you don’t love it, you’ll never work hard enough to be great.” Coyle

What’s a goal you got that’s really important to you?

What does targeted, mistake-focused practice look like?

With Arete,


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