Misperceptions parked

Ever perceived something only later to realize you were way off?

I’ve had so many of these.

Case in point.

One Saturday morning I took my children out to a gym near the beach and spotted a designated parking spot for parents.

Only ‘problem’ was a ‘model’ had just taken the spot and was now on her phone.

I parked elsewhere and proceeded to the gym reception all puffed up and ‘self-righteous’ asking to speak to the on – site manager. My intention was to report this breach in parking policy for parents!

As I approached the reception, all geared up the ‘model’ came in with her young child.

I realized what I had done instantly. I had immediately ‘judged’, 'labelled', and placed some ‘stereotypes’ on her. Thus her role as a mother had not even entered my mind.

Here is what Byron Katie says about this…

“As you inquire into issues and turn judgments around, you come to see that every perceived problem appearing ‘out there’ is really nothing more than a misperception within your own thinking.”

Bottom line. I had misperceived.

There may be more pressing challenges and situations you face where someone else has ‘parked’.

Is it possible that the situation you face is one that may have been misperceived?

I’d argue that if in any way the challenge at hand is leading to you feeling less than capable or unworthy of your potential, then, yes, you have misperceived (your capacity that is).

Feelings of doubt about who you are and what you are capable of is a misperception of your potential.

Check yourself before lodging a complaint!



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