Mirror affirmations

Recently my Father offered a very useful add – on to the morning and habitual affirmations we do with the kids on the way to school.

He suggested ‘mirror affirmations’.

Did not take us long to implement it and although in early stages of habituation, basically involves having the kiddies and us stand in front of any mirror and look straight at your own eyes and repeat any form of affirmations or statements that serve to remind you of your resourcefulness and potential.

Children and Adults alike, it’s very easy to get caught in our own spiral of doubt.

So doing something like this keeps the lamp on as a reminder, and especially great before ‘learning’ for the day.

Check this out…

“Self-criticism is like pulling a lamp’s plug out of the wall because it isn’t giving the room enough light. But now the room goes completely dark. Oops.”

~ Steve Chandler

Affirmations may not be you cuppa tea and you may have a different view on that which is great.

Point here is too much of pointing the finger at the efforts you making just ain’t that useful.

Celebrate the fact that you got the lamp on and working regardless of how bright or dim it is.

What’s the lamp you unplugged recently and started blaming?

What would you need to say or ‘reframe’ so as to plug it back in and on?



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