Minutes from now...

At the time of writing this I’m in approx 40 minutes gonna hit the irons and workout.

It’s pretty much part and parcel of my day.

Beyond the external reasons there’s something else at work when I workout.

I’m introducing a deliberate lesser stressor (exercise) so I can better deal with larger ones.

Check this from Berns….

“Stress is unavoidable, and one cannot live one’s life running away from stress. The good news is that stress creates opportunity (think: reappraisal!). If individuals reappraise all sources of stress as an opportunity to discover something new or find a market niche that other people are afraid of, stress may itself decrease. If this is not possible, then the strategy of substituting a short-term stress for a chronic one may be very effective. Paradoxically, physical exercise, which is a short-term stressor, is perhaps the best remedy for chronic stress. Similarly, the individual who feels overwhelmed by uncertainty or social stresses in the workplace may benefit from taking on projects that have defined endings. Although these may increase stress in the short term, their completion may actually decrease overall stress.”

What fun activities could you bring in, continue with and build up that act as ‘lesser stressors’ to help you become more resilient?

Choose one.

You know what to do next.

Might not be 40 minutes from now.

Might be sooner…might be later!



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