Mini - Experiment

Done any mini-experiments recently on your potential?

Imagining knowing a little bit more about what contributes towards you performance.

Fabritius and Hagemann have a nice summary in their book ‘The Leading Brain’ on performance and neurotransmitters.

3 x neurotransmitters worth knowing and what they do include:

Dopamine – the FEEL-GOOD neurotransmitter – can trigger this through e.g. fun/exercise.

Noraadrenaline – the neurotransmitter that makes you feel alert and with strength.

Acetylcholine – the neurotransmitter that’ll have you deeply concentrated.

Great…now here are some follow up questions.

Behaviorally what could you do today to…

1. Feel good and have fun?

2. Become more alert and feel stronger?

3. Get deeply focused?

Here’s the pitch to you. Try…

As in try a mini experiment on seeing one action or behaviour you could test in each of these areas to determine if they bring the desired result for you.

It will be a big win whether they do or not cos you’ll have gone a step further in defining, discovering and developing.



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