Mindsets for Creativity

Looking to become more aware of some mindsets that can impede creativity and sometimes help it?

Check these from Roberto…

“The Linear Mind-Set” = the use of a sequenced, step by step approach. Each step builds on the previous to explore and enhance innovation. Great, but sometimes creativity does not always follow a logical process.

"The Benchmarking Mind-Set" = creating strategies based on the behaviour of the 'competition'. Risk here is you could miss new ways of doing things.

"The Prediction Mind-Set" = the use of forecasting often by 'experts' to 'predict' outcomes. Risk here is not seeing the potential of agile, small, start - up approaches that can in the long run have huge impact.

"The Structural Mind-Set" = reconfiguring an organizational chart to trigger creativity. Risk here is missing the boat on what is really important - nailing by way of cultivating a creative working environment and culture.

"The Focus Mind-Set" = an emphasis on concentration. Great n all, but way too much could hamper creativity.

"The Naysayer Mind-Set" = challenging consensus or underdeveloped proposals. Risk here is too much criticism can knock down creativity.

Any of these have you knocking down creative ideas before they've had a chance to blossom?

Any of these worth finding the right dosage to you right now?

Explore, discover and see what emerges.



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