Middle steps

When you think about success what do you see?

More importantly what’s your take on how to succeed?

Do you think it’s something that comes from your own actions are externally driven?

Check this out…

“There’s a popular expression you’ve probably heard, ‘Luck is preparedness meeting opportunity.’ It’s a handy idea, but it’s not quite accurate. People who live by the slight edge understand how luck really works. It’s not preparedness meeting opportunity; it’s preparedness, period. Preparedness created by doing those simple, little, constructive, positive actions, over and over. Luck is when that constancy of preparedness eventually creates opportunity.

One reason the slight edge is so widely ignored, unnoticed, and undervalued is that our culture tends to worship the idea of the ‘big break.’ We celebrate that dramatic discovery, the big breakthrough that catapults the hero into a new place. In other words, we buy lottery tickets.

The truth of breakthroughs and lucky breaks is that, yes, they do happen—but they don’t happen out of thin air. They are grown, like a crop: planted, cultivated, and ultimately harvested. The problem is, …that in our culture we’re trained to think we can skip the middle step and leap directly from plant to harvest. We even have a term for it. We call it a quantum leap. And it’s a complete, utter myth.” (Olson)

Don’t skip the middle step.

Own it.

Graft it.



P.s. What’s the middle step(s) for you?

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