MicroGoal 'Mode'

Any goals or current objectives you got going on that are a bit ‘tough’?

Check this from Mark Divine…

“The tougher things get, the smaller your goals should become. These ‘microgoals’ should be laser-focused on achievement of a target or a refined subset of your overall mission.”

That’s pretty cool huh?

If it gets tough go into ‘microgoal’ mode.

Mark goes on to tell us there are things that we might do inadvertently to make it even tougher that already is including:

1. Creating too many goals to go after at the same time.

2. An unrealistic rate of completion

3. Rigidity to goal setting that takes little account of context

4. Not checking in with ourself

5. Not measuring and reflecting on progress.

So next time you find it a bit tough on your journey. Try identifying a ‘micro-goal’. Just one and then the little easier to do steps in sequence that you can focus on completing…one at a time.

What’s a micro-goal for today?

What's one first tiny step towards it?



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