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Mentoring and Positive Addictions

Ever heard of positive addictions?

Check this out from Glasser.

"Positive addictions are those which strengthen the individual, improve his or her health, are under the individual's control, and make life more enjoyable."

  1. Find an activity that you enjoy and do it every day.

"Positive addictions are built around doing something you love every day, without fail, no matter what else is going on in your life." (p. 7)

As a university mentor, you can encourage your students to find activities that they enjoy and make time for them every day. This could be anything from playing an instrument to going for a run to practicing yoga.

  1. Make sure the activity is non-competitive.

"A positive addiction must be a noncompetitive activity that is important to you but does not involve anyone else." (p. 9)

Encourage your students to find activities that they can do alone or with a small group of friends, rather than activities that involve competition or comparison with others. This can help them focus on the activity itself and the joy it brings, rather than winning or losing.

  1. Set goals and track progress.

"Set a goal that is achievable but requires you to work at it every day, and then keep track of your progress." (p. 13)

Help your students set goals related to their positive addiction and encourage them to track their progress over time. This can help them stay motivated and see the benefits of their efforts.

  1. Use the activity to relieve stress.

"Your positive addiction should be the first thing you turn to when you are under stress." (p. 29)

Encourage your students to use their positive addiction as a way to relieve stress and cope with difficult situations. This can help them develop healthy habits and strategies for managing stress.

Ask yourself:

As a university mentor, how can I incorporate the concept of positive addiction into my own life and daily routine to improve my own well-being and model healthy habits for my students?

With Arete,


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