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Mentoring and Mental Rehearsal

Let's talk about mental rehearsal.

In a nutshell, it's a very useful tool in your practice.

Check this out from "You Are the Placebo" by Joe Dispenza...

  • "Mental rehearsal is an inner-world experience that you can use to train your brain for the future, just as an athlete would train for an event."

  • "By rehearsing in your mind, you are changing your brain to look like the event has already occurred."

  • "When you practice mentally rehearsing something, you are firing the same circuits in your brain that would be activated if you were actually experiencing that event."

Here is a step-by-step guide for using mental rehearsal, which as a university mentor you can use to help your students:

  1. Start by identifying a specific goal or outcome that the student wants to achieve, whether it's academic, personal, or professional.

  2. Encourage the student to create a detailed mental image of what it would look, feel, and sound like to achieve that goal. They should imagine themselves already having achieved the goal, and feel the positive emotions associated with that accomplishment.

  3. Encourage the student to practice this mental image repeatedly, ideally in a quiet and comfortable place where they won't be interrupted. They should try to engage all their senses in the mental image, making it as vivid and real as possible.

  4. Encourage the student to integrate mental rehearsal into their daily routine, perhaps by setting aside a few minutes each morning or evening to practice.

  5. Finally, remind the student that mental rehearsal is just one tool in a larger toolkit for personal growth and development. Encourage them to stay open-minded and curious, and to continue exploring different techniques and strategies for achieving their goals.

With Arete,


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