Mental traps

Have you ever fallen into the trap of falling in love so much with your plan that...

1. You perceive it as flawless?

2. You believe that you will be flawless in it’s execution?

3. The plan will take care of the rest?

It might be that you’ve set a goal, or two or three (or more) and mapped out all the details.

Thereafter you think that from here, it’s just a matter of adherence.

Blueprinting is great and all but by itself and under the illusion that it’s going to be one straight line to ‘victory’ is kinda unrealistic.

Check these ‘traps’ out…

1.“Don’t make mistakes

2. Try to be good at everything, or pretend that you know everything

3. The less you disclose about yourself the better off you will be

4. You are a victim of circumstances. Your life is basically controlled by outside forces

5. Other people are happy

6. Let your anger out

7. You should feel guilt if you do your own thing and others are upset by it

8. Make sure that you please other people and that they like and approve of you

9. Be right. Show others that your opinions are better than theirs

10. You must earn happiness

11. Play it safe. Don’t take risks

12. Try to become totally independent and self-sufficient

13. If you avoid problems and unpleasant situations they will disappear in time

14. Strive for perfection

15. You can draw general conclusions about people from individual statements or actions

16. Some people are better than others

17. The “either/or” mistake

18. Performing well is important for fulfillment

19. Part 1: You can believe most of what you hear

Part 2: Your own peculiar thoughts are to be taken very seriously

20. Therapy can’t hurt you”

Any of these sound familiar?

Circle a few and ask yourself, ‘is there an alternative way to view th?’



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