Mental Rehearsal + Standing Ovations

Ever mentally rehearsed or visualized an upcoming performance in advance of the real deal?

Some time ago I held a consult with an artist who froze prior to a performance.

I asked them this question – ‘ever mentally rehearsed or visualized the performance you are seeking in advance as part of your prep?’



Not even once.

We went over some mental rehearsal techniques.

Next time I saw them live, they were rocking an onstage performance so much so that they got a standing ovation.

Clearly they had practiced and rehearsed the performance and perhaps a something little extra...

Check out this view…

“Because of its powerful mental and physiological effects, visualization is one of the most effective charisma-boosting tools available. The right visualization can help you increase your internal feeling of confidence as well as your ability to project it. Just by using the right mental images, your subconscious mind will send a remarkable chain reaction of confidence signals cascading through your body. In fact, you can display nearly any body language just by picking the right visualization…” (Cabane).

Let’s not get it twisted here.

Mental rehearsal or visualization alone ain’t gonna cut it.

Deliberate practice + mental rehearsal may be a recipe that you find works yet even then no guarantee.

Besides, this ain’t about guarantees or quick fixes. Just another approach which may come in handy in advance + with repetition.

You know what to do…

Give it a whirl and see if it adds any value.



p.s. ever considered mentally rehearsing what deliberate practice would look like for you. E.g. rather than visualizing the final outcome, how about visualizing yourself working with dedication and concentration in preparation for what you are going for. Maybe more control in that.

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