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Mental Game Plan

Wouldn’t it be nice to receive 90% in an upcoming test, project or exam? How about nearing 90% completion on a goal ? (That would be fantastic!)

Yet, what if you’ve already got a ‘90’ right now in a different way and just don’t realize it?

Lanny Bassham has an interesting take on this.

Check this:

“What’s your game? Golf? Sales? Shooting? Singing? Parenting? Managing? Coaching? Teaching? What percentage of what you do is mental? I have asked that question to hundreds of Olympic athletes and PGA Tour pros. They have all answered that their game is at least 90 percent mental.

The top five percent agree that elite performance is 90 percent mental. Then I ask them the second question. What percentage of your time and money do you spend on training the mental game? The answers are always similar: very little or less than ten percent. Now that just doesn’t make sense. All say the mental game is 90 percent of their sport but they almost ignore training this vital area.”

A couple of questions for you:

1. What’s your ‘sport’,‘game’ or ‘focus’?

2. What game are you playing + how much time do you devote to the mental game?

3. If we take the premise (for now) that 90% of the performance is mental then what needs to be introduced to strengthen the mental game?

That’s where your own research and curiosity come in.

Define, discover and develop your own mental game plan.



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